Scientific Partnerships

  • Silicon Valley Florida
    Currently, URDE is participating in a brand new project called Silicon Valley Florida. (New high-tech geographical zone)
  • Provide Academic Support
    URDE provides scientific resources in a cost effective way.
  • Ukraine Division
    Establish and maintain relationships with scientific and engineering communities of Ukraine .
  • American Division
    Establish partnerships between U.S. and Canadian R&D organizations and similar organizations in the Ukraine.

Physics-Mechanical Institute

Founded on June 1, 1951, the Institute has 19 research departments and 3 laboratories conducting fundamental and applied studies in materials science, physics-chemical fracture mechanics of materials and strength of structures in the following interdisciplinary areas:

  • Process of deformation and fracture of materials under the action of mechanical loadings and temperatures, in hydrogenating and corrosion-aggressive environments
  • The theory of strength and durability of machines and structures, in particular, the theory and technology of metal protection against corrosion and corrosion-mechanical fracture; the assessment of the operation life of long-lived facilities
  • Physical fields in heterogeneous materials; the theory, methods and systems for obtaining, analyzing and processing relevant information for diagnostics of materials and environment properties