Scientific Partnerships

  • Silicon Valley Florida
    Currently, URDE is participating in a brand new project called Silicon Valley Florida. (New high-tech geographical zone)
  • Provide Academic Support
    URDE provides scientific resources in a cost effective way.
  • Ukraine Division
    Establish and maintain relationships with scientific and engineering communities of Ukraine .
  • American Division
    Establish partnerships between U.S. and Canadian R&D organizations and similar organizations in the Ukraine.

Institute of Physics and Engineering

Its basic research areas are:

  • Physics of solid state under extreme conditions
  • Physics and technology of advanced structural and functional materials

Principal developments proposed:

  • Detection of anomalous acoustoelectric effect
  • Development of a new method to record electron phase separation in solids
  • A discovery of inducing new solid phase states under extreme conditions
  • Development of theoretical friction models in Nanosized mechanisms
  • Development of technological fundamentals for producing oxide nanopowders; ceramic produce made of these powders
  • Development of physical principals to produce nanocrystalline metallic materials with improved mechanical properties by means of plastic deformation
  • Design and manufacture of equipment to study barocryomagnetic effect in solids and liquids
  • A design of thermograph – a medical instrument for early diagnostics of tumors