Scientific Partnerships

  • Silicon Valley Florida
    Currently, URDE is participating in a brand new project called Silicon Valley Florida. (New high-tech geographical zone)
  • Provide Academic Support
    URDE provides scientific resources in a cost effective way.
  • Ukraine Division
    Establish and maintain relationships with scientific and engineering communities of Ukraine .
  • American Division
    Establish partnerships between U.S. and Canadian R&D organizations and similar organizations in the Ukraine.

Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems

The Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of NAS of Ukraine (IPMash) was founded in 1972. The first Director of the Institute from 1972 to 1996 was Academician of NAS of Ukraine, A.N. Podgorny (1932-1996). Yu.M.  Matsevity, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, has been the head of the Institute since 1996.

IPMash has 17 scientific departments with a staff of 352 specialists(187 research workers, including one Academician and three Corresponding Members of NAS of Ukraine; and 27 Doctors and 77 Candidates of Science). The Institute also has a special Design-and-Engineering Bureau, and a pilot production facility. The Scientific-and-Engineering Concern IPMash NASU was founded in 2000.

Institute's Focus

Core competencies of the Institute represent key areas of scientific
expertise developed over the years and include the following:

  • Hydraulic machines and fluid mechanics;
  • Heat physics and thermal mechanics;
  • Dynamic strength, stability and reliability of machines and mechanisms;
  • Non-conventional power engineering and energy saving technologies;
  • Advanced design and development methods in power machine building;
  • Industrial processes optimization.

Valuable Technology Offerings

  • optimization of processes in power machinery, and improving their design;
  • energy saving technologies and nonconventional power engineering facilities;
  • predicting the reliability, dynamic strength and life of power equipment;
  • simulation and computer technologies in power machine building;
  • The Institute conducts focused applied research in advanced integrated problems for the national economy.

General Information

Collaboration with power generating equipment manufacturers, power plants, and machine-building industry has been a traditional opportunity area for the Institute making use of its hardware engineering expertise, as well as novel analytical, diagnostic, and experimental methods. For example, IPMash developed an innovative methodology to effectively analyze the static strength and oscillations of complex-shape blades, blade packs and impellers of steam, gas and hydraulic turbines by employing a hierarchical system of mathematical models including 3D visualizations. The methods are used at turbine machine building enterprises in Ukraine, Russia, and Czech Republic.

Proposed Technologies: