Scientific Partnerships

  • Silicon Valley Florida
    Currently, URDE is participating in a brand new project called Silicon Valley Florida. (New high-tech geographical zone)
  • Provide Academic Support
    URDE provides scientific resources in a cost effective way.
  • Ukraine Division
    Establish and maintain relationships with scientific and engineering communities of Ukraine .
  • American Division
    Establish partnerships between U.S. and Canadian R&D organizations and similar organizations in the Ukraine.

Ukraine Division

The Ukraine Division will be able to use the Research and Development capabilities of the entire former USSR and other former Soviet bloc countries. It is organized in a geographical and functional manner similar to the American Division. However, this is where the similarities end.

Within the Ukraine Division, URDE is to be represented by a system of independent representatives working as independent contractors. The primary activity of URDE Ukraine Division representatives is the establishment of business relationships within the scientific and engineering communities.

The main tasks of the staff working for our Independent Representatives are the following:

  • Establishing and maintaining business relationships with scientific and engineering organizations and individual scientists and engineers in the Ukraine.
  • Support the research and engineering teams with the necessary technical means and facilities.
  • Maintain business contacts between the Ukraine Division and American Division.

The Ukraine Division consists of all kinds of developed facilities including: administration offices, labs, and production plants -if necessary. The personnel consists of full time employees as well as those that work on a contractual basis.

The full time administrative and technical personnel are very limited in number and consists primarily of individuals with substantial experience and knowledge of how and where to find leading R&D experts, necessary facilities, and how to work with the local bureaucratic structure.

Currently the company plans to open at least 5-6 offices in the Ukraine with a total number of 25-30 employees. The first Ukraine office is located in Kiev. It is necessary to provide each office with computers, copy machines, fax machines, furniture, and additional office supplies.

The Ukraine Division focuses on collaboration with the National Academy of Science of the Ukraine (NASU), the leading tech universities, and other R&D organizations.

The following is one of the deciding factors in projected success in this new high tech area.

NASU's Institutes have brought many science and engineering projects to the level of experimentation. However, due to a lack of experience dealing with Western standards, a lack of financial support, and practically no marketing experience, the majority of these projects are ultimately shelved. Despite these shortcomings, the underlying scientific level of these projects is still world class.


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