Scientific Partnerships

  • Silicon Valley Florida
    Currently, URDE is participating in a brand new project called Silicon Valley Florida. (New high-tech geographical zone)
  • Provide Academic Support
    URDE provides scientific resources in a cost effective way.
  • Ukraine Division
    Establish and maintain relationships with scientific and engineering communities of Ukraine .
  • American Division
    Establish partnerships between U.S. and Canadian R&D organizations and similar organizations in the Ukraine.

Financial Factors

Often, U.S. and Canadian companies are forced to look for opportunities to develop factories in Asia or Central and South America because of the cost of labor. A big problem is the lack of a well-educated and experienced workforce in those parts of the world. There also is a lack of a "culture of technology" from mid-level management down to the blue-collar workers. This is something that you simply cannot train and educate for. Rather, it requires generations of professionals working in a proper environment.

In the former Soviet Union, specifically Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic Republics, Poland, and the Czech Repubic, the professional knowledge of scientists, administrators, and workers is very similar to the standards of Western Europe, the U.S., and Canada. So are the manufacturing processes and quality controls.

Everyone is aware that due to a completely ineffective economic system in the Soviet Bloc, the efforts of most highly qualified people was far from being utilized effectively.

We can have the SAME LOW COST of developing and manufacturing high tech elements with unquestionably HIGHER QUALITY compared to Asian countries.